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CCM AIR is a leader in general aviation services and aircraft management. Providing tailored charter solutions, turnkey aircraft management and FAA approved aircraft maintenance, CCM AIR can accommodate all of your aviation needs. The twin pillars of our philosophy consist of unsurpassed service and uncompromising safety. Expect to find an exceptional passenger experience and the consistency, capability and reliability that exceeds expectations.

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Nassau Events Aircraft Registry – The definitive guide to aircraft sales, and services.

The definitive guide to cultural and entertainment events throughout Nassau County.

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Aircraft Registry Aircraft Registry – The definitive guide to aircraft sales, and services.
The definitive guide to aircraft sales, and services. Providing a single source for aircraft sales, acquisitions,and related services.
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Sundog Aviation Sundog Aviation

One of the unique privileges of being a professional aviator was the view from the best seat in the aircraft. Wonderful cloud formations, observing the dance of lighting from above during an evening thunderstorm, a full moon-rise after dark from FL390, and the colors associated with so many sunsets.

Jim Cannon is the owner and principal consultant of Sundog Aviation. The mission of this small consultant group is to provide relevant safety information and guidance to those flight and ground operations that may be searching for implementation assistance in the development of their Safety Management Systems and Organizational Goals.

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Long Island Business Aviation Association Long Island Business Aviation Association (LIBAA)

The Long Island Business Aviation Association, Inc. (LIBAA) is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 2001 to act as a collective voice for the business aviation community on Long Island, and to assist its members in all aviation related matters. It is made up of a broad cross section of aviation related businesses and aircraft operators, and as an organization, stands ready to advance the cause of business aviation at all Long Island Airports. LIBAA has developed and grown from modest beginnings to become a respected and key part of the business aviation community – and aviation on Long Island as a whole. The Association is squarely focused on the development and management of safe, credible, efficient, and sustainable activity in our local area.

LIBAA provides an essential service and support network to both its members and the greater community – with professionalism, consideration, and qualified oversight. Most important, LIBAA is constantly working to improve, refine, and ensure that aviation remains a safe, dependable, efficient, and credible form of transportation not only in our local area New York, but around the world.

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Nectar & Ambrosia Greek Culinary Tours The Greek Immersion Experience
It is your turn to live. You may in this lifetime have feasted upon heavenly unforgettable tastes. But now Nectar and Ambrosia’s team invites you to be delightfully amazed by an incredible variety of foods immersed in ancient culture. Savor creations originating from a society of eons-old recipes preserved and inherited by a civilization dominated by the finer things in life. Amidst music, sights, sounds, aromas and thrills of Athens, we take you to places seldom discovered by modern tourists. Kitchens of our tavernas use local produce to create mystical cuisine.
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AvAudit - Cloud-based Application AvAudit cloud-based application

The entire AvAudit process in one cloud-based application.

The AvAudit Protocol software packages the entire IS-BAO audit process into one cloud-based application that provides:

  • Modularized access to IS-BAO standards
  • Ability to include/exclude helicopter requirements from view
  • New or changed requirements from previous protocol cycle.
  • Options to create audit questions for various company roles (president, chief pilot, director of maintenance, etc.)
  • Optional in-flight inspection section
  • Areas to enter comments on findings and analysis for each requirement
  • Automated aggregation of findings and PDF report generation
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Metropolitan Airport News Metropolitan Airport News

Metropolitan Airport News is an online and printed newspaper focused entirely on airport employees, local civic issues, and events in and around the three major New York airports. With distribution at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) airports, Metropolitan Airport News hits the newsstands on the first of every month. As part of our community outreach efforts, Metropolitan Airport News is also available at local businesses surrounding all three airports.

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Set Shop NYC Set Shop NYC

Since 1977 Set Shop has been serving the photographic industry. What began as seamless paper store has expanded to well over several thousand items that now supplies a wide range of industries like display and exhibition.

Set Shop has spent the last 35 years supplying photographers with everything for their sets, not cameras, not lights, but everything else on a photography set. The Set Shop search out and stock products that can make an assignment run smoother, more efficiently, and free up a photographer’s creativity to accomplish the impossible. You might say we were into the idea of “workflow” before there was the term workflow!

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BlueDef4You BlueDef4You

BlueDEF is stable, colorless, non-flammable, non-toxic and is classified as minimum risk for tranportation. BlueDEF conforms to the ISO-22241-1 specification for DEF, is API registered and meets or exceeds OEM specifications.BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid is the mixture of high purity synthetic urea and deionized water that is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems on diesel engines. BlueDEF is injected into the exhaust stream via a controlled dosing module where the water vaporizes leaving ammonia molecules free to travel in to the catalytic converter where it reacts and neutralizes the NOx molecules, converting it to nitrogen and water vapor — two harmless and natural components of the air we breathe.

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