Project Summary

As part of its marketing efforts, Asset Insight and Ringston Media have partnered to produce an educational podcast series focusing on the five sectors of an aircrafts lifecyle.  This new aviation podcast series offers the business aviation community the opportunity to select episodes and topics on their schedule, and according to their interest and business segment. The podcasts can also assist new personnel entering the industry; people that would otherwise find it challenging to secure such information.

Asset Insight is in a unique position to bring aviation professionals together to hold timely discussions in short, interesting, educational and entertaining on-demand podcasts.

Tony Kioussis

About the Asset Insight Podcast

Asset Insight Podcasts offer a unique exploration of the five sectors comprising the aircraft’s Ownership Life Cycle: Aircraft Acquisition, Aircraft Financing, Aircraft Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, and Aircraft Disposition.

Whether you are an aircraft buyer, seller, owner, operator, or user, an experienced industry professional, or someone seeking to join the Business Aviation community, each session is structured to provide timely advice, proven principles, and best practices employed by some of the industry’s most successful organizations, and each episode is presented by an experienced Business Aviation professional.



Asset Insight LLC


June 2020


Podcast Production, Website Design