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Build a Strong Line of Communication With E-Mail Marketing

Competitors are taking great pains to entice your clients. Are you taking the steps necessary to prevent turnover?

Why E-mail Marketing?

  • E-mail Marketing offers the highest return on investment in online marketing, with $40.56 for every dollar invested on average, according to the Direct Marketing Association.
  • 73% of leads are not sales-ready. E-mail can help close these sales.
  • E-mail is large and in charge. There are three times as many E-mail accounts as Twitter and Facebook accounts combined.
  • 72% of people check their E-mail 6 or more times a day.
  • 81% of marketers use E-mail for lead generation.
  • E-mail Marketing is a cost-effective avenue for nurturing existing customers and gaining new ones

Why Our Media E-mail Marketing Program Works

  • Simple consolidation of marketing programs in one dashboard for efficient monitoring and management
  • Reliable deliverability, integrated with Amazon SES
  • Comprehensive reporting tool interfaces with multiple APIs to send, receive and compile the most relevant data about your campaigns
  • Effortless list management
  • Professional layout of text and images with WYSIWYG Editor, no HTML knowledge necessary
  • Inexpensive; it costs next to nothing
  • Premium support

Track Your Success

The entire process is tracked in our proprietary E-mail reporting tool and reports can be automatically sent to you. You'll get detailed E-mail analytics including unsubscribes and subscribers who open E-mails.

Nurture Your Prospects and Engage Your Customers

Call us to manage your E-mail marketing campaigns. Our E-mail marketing platform includes everything you need to run world class E-mail marketing campaigns with the added benefit of consolidating all of our online marketing programs in one place. We make creating content easy with our new features and even provide you with targeted E-mail templates, free graphics, and writing services. We don't just offer software; we provide service. We train you on all of the steps that make your E-mails successful. It couldn't be easier.

E-Mail Marketing Checklist

  • TRACK INDIVIDUAL OPENS: You can now view individual opens of an email by a specific time period. You can also easily view how many emails were sent and can check out trends over time.
  • IMMEDIATE AUTORESPONDERS: You can now send an autoresponder campaign immediately.
  • OPEN RATE AND UNSUBSCRIBE RATE: Alongside the number of emails sent and opened, you can see the conversion rate and the number of people who unsubscribed. This data will help you understand if your email was successful or unsuccessful so you can adapt accordingly
  • BETTER USABILITY: On the List Details screen, you can now easily add or unsubscribe people to your lists. You can also do this in bulk.
  • BOUNCE/ERROR RATE: You can check out aggregate errors, trends in errors, and individual bounces so that you have the opportunity to correct the problem, get emails to more people, and get a more accurate read on your open rate.
  • IMAGE UPLOAD: You can either upoload your own image or an image from the Ringston Media professional stock image library. You can place it where you want' hou don't need to know HTML.
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