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Design Services

Graphic Design Services

Ringston Media offers creative design and marketing related services both in print and online. Our wide range of applications include corporate identity, print marketing collateral, event marketing design, website design and development, electronic communications, publication design and production, and trade show materials.

Brand Development and Design

The most successful companies are those who have recognizable and trustworthy brand identities. Working with established corporations or startups, we begin by getting to know your company, the competitive landscape and clearly defining what your customers are seeing, and determining what your opportunities there are for distinguishing your brand. Creating a successful brand requires looking at the customer or client's experience from origination to the final touch point and determining how to create consistency and clarity throughout. Once that has been established, understanding the strategic goals for each piece allows us to create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout all marketing materials and build brand recognition. Ringston Media has extensive experience in creating cohesive corporate identity systems, as part of our creative services, setting the foundation for which companies can tell their stories consistently and effectively. This creative services agency, along with its partners, consistently and accurately convey core messaging in a variety of applications establishing brand consistency, building credibility and recognition across all forms of media.

Web Design

This is a fast paced world and often you do not get a second chance to make an impression; so do not let your website be designed by a second rate design team. Effective website design is your company's or brand's chance to turn heads and make web traffic stop, look, read (content), view (video), and listen (audio). Our website design team has extraordinary talent, a long history of experience in creative marketing services and is passionate about your vision and their results. Contact creative services agency Greybox today and establish a partnership with the premier website designing company that is skilled in converting web traffic to long term client relationships.

Event Marketing Design

Beyond creating corporate identity systems and core materials, it is often the one off projects that allow for maximum creativity. Whether it is an elaborate campaign or an event which follows your current brand, our experience with creative marketing services like online campaigns, papers, inks and printing processes will ensure any event, fundraising campaign, annual party or conferences is truly magical. We ensure that the invitations and supporting materials surrounding the event excite attendees, investors/donors making each event memorable while building brand recognition.

Printing Management

Creative is where our talents begin, however it is our printing experience that is very often greatly appreciated by our clients. Backed by two decades of pre-press and press experience we have the knowledge and expertise on creative marketing services and to design and print any project imaginable. Our leadership team, hailing from (RIT) Rochester Institute of Technology, has the technical background and expertise to utilize a trick or two to shave costs and keep your project within budget. Notwithstanding our technical expertise we have fostered long lasting strategic relationships with several printers in the New York area. Each printing partner has been chosen for their own special expertise and equipment they possess. GreyBox does not have any obligations to any one printer, so we simply leverage the best printer for each specific job always producing the highest quality at the most competitive prices. When it comes to handling the printing our philosophy is we never want our creative efforts jeopardized during the final stage of production. Our clients are grateful that we provide this start-to-finish creative marketing services delivering the final printed piece to their offices, allowing them to focus their time on their core competencies.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation please call (516) 320-6197 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.