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Don’t Get Left Behind. Tell Your Story With Social Media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

  • Social Media Marketing makes use of online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to reach out to customers and build a community around your business.
  • Social Media is technically free, but it does take lots of time and consistent effort.
  • Social media marketing is popular because it establishes a place for a business to speak with prospects and consumers about its products or services.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increase search engine traffic; social signals are becoming a more important factor in search rankings
  • Monitor what people are saying about your business and join in the conversation
  • Build your brand on popular online communities
  • Grow your leads; use social in conjunction with email marketing
  • Engage users consistently with interactive content
  • Track social success; Our software meticulously tracks who’s talking about you, the source the social attention is originating from, and what the chitchat is all about

You Can Track Success!

With our proprietary software, you will see comprehensive details on the progress on your Social campaigns including:

  • Mentions
  • Source
  • Sentiment
  • Details of the social conversation

Communicate directly to consumers!

  • Social signals are increasingly relevant to search rankings
  • Online communities enable direct conversation with interested people
  • Strategic, consistent messaging in popular digital communities increases brand awareness and positive interactions
  • Interactive content engages participants
  • Outsourced social media streamlines social media management
  • Appropriate social media relationships and impressions generate leads

Local SEO Checklist

  • TRACK SOCIAL MENTIONS: Reporting software tracks specifically who is mentioning you
  • TRACK SOURCE: Reporting software lets you know which social community is mentioning you — Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Digg, ets.
  • TRACK SOCIAL SENTIMENT: Reporting software provides simple information on the general content of the mentions about you — is it positive? Or are customers bad mouthing you online?
  • TRACK DETAIL: If you want more information than the general sentiment, the reporting software can show conversations.
  • INCREASE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC: Social media signals are gaining in importance for ranking in the search engines..
  • NURTURE LEADS: Keep in touch with your leads and customers.
  • GENERATE BRAND AWARENESS: Spread your company's message to people who demonstrate interest.
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